We were featured on RightThisMinute.com and National TV!

When we played our most recent gig, Alloy Night at SUB Alpine Society, everything went great, except afterwards while eating at a restaurant in Southside, someone stole all of Ben’s equipment out of his car!

So, Kris made a Facebook post about it, and it got over 900 Shares!

After getting so many Shares, someone alerted us that they spotted our stolen gear for sale on Craigslist! But as soon as we clicked on it, the link was already down. But they sent us an html backup of the post, where we found the thief’s name and phone number, all of which we forwarded to the police.

Now, we couldn’t just let our brother Ben suffer without any equipment, so Kris let him borrow a guitar and an amp, but that still wasn’t enough. When you’re a musician, your equipment is an extension of you, and your personality, and it just won’t feel like it makes any sense if you’re playing on someone else’s stuff. So, Ben finds this awesome Schecter guitar, Freya, one of only 12 made in the world, and we could not pass up the chance to get it for him. So, we did, and we suprised him with it on Facebook Live!

Here is Ben’s “thank you” video.

So, the next day, we get contacted by RightThisMinute.com, saying they want to feature us on their show for our kind gesture! Totally insanely cool of them to do for us.

Here’s the video feature they made about us!

You can check out the full post on their website here!

Come see Ben shred with Freya at one of our Upcoming Shows!

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