· Vocal Auditions

This is one of our original songs which will appear on our upcoming debut album. It was recorded at Tonic Recording Studios, which is exactly where you will cut your take in the vocal booth to complete the final version. Please use this video to write your own original lyrics, and then send us a video of yourself performing your lyrics along with the song with the same intensity that you would as if you were live on stage. If there is a tie, or if we for some reason can’t choose the best between multiple people, those who shine brightest will be brought into the studio for Round 2 on a yet to be determined date.

Oceans to Ash· Vocal Audition

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible, as they are equally important as your audition tape. Please copy/paste these questions and email your answers to us along with your audition tape.

· How old are you?

· How many bands have you been in? 

· Are you currently in a band right now, and if so, would you consider leaving it to pursue this one?

· Where do you live? How far away is that from Belle Vernon, PA?

· Have you ever recorded in a real studio before, and if so, where? 

· When you pee on the seat, do you wipe it, or leave it? 

· Where do you work, how long have you been there, and will your employer allow you to go on tour? 

· Do you have a significant other, and if so, do they support your music career or do they complain about it? 

· What all drugs do you do, and which ones will you never touch again? 

· What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done, and aren’t proud of, but now find humor in? 

· Name your top 3 bands that still influence you the most to this day. 

· Name a band that you slept on for years, recently checked out, and are now totally in love with. 

· Name one band that everyone else you know loves, but you absolutely hate. 

· Do you have reliable transportation?

· Would you be ok with throwing in to rent out a practice space, so it doesn’t always have to be at somebody’s house?

· Are you a hermit who never leaves the shadows, or do you enjoy attending shows, meeting new people, making new connections, and helping to promote your band? 

· How many tickets can you personally commit to selling to your band’s concert?

· Name the biggest 3 acts that you have previously opened for.

· Do you look at big and small gigs as equally important? 

· What’s more important to you? Making a song that’s memorable for the audience, or a gratuitous display of technical wankery?

· Do you have a basic home recording setup for the purposes of basic songwriting demo ideas, etc? 

· On a scale from 1 to 10, how serious are you about joining our band? 1 is the least, 10 is the most.

· How much time do you spend practicing on your own per week? 

· Would you be ok with wearing matching outfits onstage, or do you think that’s just way too dorky and you’d rather just get up there looking like an everyday street bum? 

· Do you make use of your personal Facebook profile for positive music promotion in a way that gets people to care about your career, or do you just post memes all day? 

· Name exactly one popular song from any decade that you are dying to make a metal cover version of. 

· Do you have a working cell phone and is it easy to get ahold of you? 

· Which do you prefer more? Working on music together as a group at band practice, completely by yourself, or a mixture of both? 

· What message do you hope to succeed in conveying to the world through your own original lyrics? 

· And finally, in the event that you aren’t easily identifiable by only your email address, please write your real name here: 

All submissions must be received before 11:59 P.M. EST, 8/22/2021.
Please send your submission to: oceanstoash@gmail.com